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Thank you for visiting Elpis College’s website! We are thrilled to be embarking upon this 2015-2016 school year with you.

When we opened Elpis College in 2007, we knew we wanted to build a school that not only prepares students for university, college, and the workforce, but that also prepares them to become responsible citizens of the world. Over the past ten years, we’ve taught, tutored, and trained students from across the GTA and around the globe, many of whom have gone to further their education in top-ranking institutions en route to landing their dream jobs. Our students leave Elpis College feeling proud of their accomplishments and ready to succeed in the next leg of their journeys. I want to offer my warmest gratitude to all our teachers who work tirelessly to ensure our students get the best education. Thank you, too, to our students for continuing the Elpis tradition of success. Lastly, thanks to all of you, parents and guardians, for doing what you can to help us help your children shine. On behalf of our staff and faculty, welcome to Elpis College! We look forward to working with you this year.

David Kim


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First Day of Summer School
8:00 AM - 5:30 AM
Mississauga and North York Campuses

Summer School 2016 starts on July 4, 2016!

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Jun 25, 2016

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Jun 17, 2016

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Jun 17, 2016

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Jun 17, 2016

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What people say


Alen Hasic

Class of 2016, SSS

My experience at Elpis was an amazing one! Before enrolling in ENG4U, MHF4U, and MCV4U at Elpis, my foundations in mathematics and English were not strong enough. I know I required extra help, and after my friend recommended Elpis, I decided to give them a try. On the first day, I knew I was in good hands. The teachers here are excellent and very helpful, and they actually make class lessons interesting, which is something I never thought about. Coming to Elpis for classes never felt like a chore; rather, I felt glad knowing I was going to learn new things while having a great time. My grades went up, and now I feel confident going to university. I know I have the knowledge to succeed in my program.


Ali Naqi

Class of 2016, JFSS

My Elpis teachers have guided me tremendously in my courses. I understood math much better than I did in day school. I only took Calculus and Vectors, and I still regret not taking Advanced Functions at Elpis as well, as I would have understood the topics more and achieved higher marks. To any student who thinks that math is hard or who is failing in day school, I promise you Elpis College will guide you in the proper direction.

Thank you, Elpis College!!!


Anthony Santos

Class of 2016, MCSS

I truly cannot thank Elpis enough for what they have done for me. Grade 12 is a year that will affect you for the rest of your life. Without the help of Elpis, I would not have been admitted to my top program choice. Elpis helped give me a strong foundation and prepared me for university. I found myself struggling in English class, and I was worried I would not be accepted to university. Thanks to Elpis, I am now blessed to have the opportunity to choose which university I get to go to.


Azfar Zaidi

Class of 2016, JFSS

I took ENG4U at Elpis despite having the option of taking it in public summer school. The small class sizes helped me a lot and allowed me to do well. Taking both MHF4U & MCV4U at Elpis helped me to fully understand the material being taught due to the small class sizes and fantastic teaching.

I am happy I chose Elpis as opposed to other private schools in the area or even online schools. This coming September, I will be one of 100 students attending the Schulich School of Business for the iBBA program at York. I also got offers from Western (Ivey AEO), Queen's (Commerce), Laurier (BBA), McMaster (DeGroote), McGill (Desautels), Ryerson (Ted Rogers School of Management). Thanks again, Elpis!!!


David Jung

Class of 2018, Elpis College
I like Elpis very much. What I appreciate most is the personal approach to each student and a special bond between the school and its students/parents.