Book Talks

This is a club for students who love books, want to talk about books, and look forward to meeting other bookworms. Each gathering highlights novels that are perfect for students who enjoy (or are eager to start) reading for pleasure.


Students who like math and challenges are invited to become Elpis Mathletes. Junior and senior math lovers and problem solvers come together to test their brains, solving challenging puzzles from various international math contests. This is a great way to prepare for contests like the CEMC Math Contest and American Math Contests.

Music Makers

This is a great club for students who love music to meet one another and make some noise. Singers and instrument players are welcome to gather and share their passion for making music.

Fine Arts

Students will enjoy meeting and exchanging ideas with one another and creating some masterpieces. This is a great outlet for creative people to encourage each other and try their hand at new concepts. Final pieces can also be used as part of students’ portfolios.
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