Whether students take day school, night school, or distance learning, they are guaranteed to have:

  • Small class sizes: We take only a limited number of students per course to ensure that the teacher-to-student ratio remains small. This is a significant factor that benefits students taking courses at Elpis College. One-on-one daily interaction with teachers is an advantage our students enjoy.

  • Qualified and experienced teachers: Our teachers are well-trained and passionate about their jobs. Many have postsecondary degrees and certificates, years of teaching experience, and accreditation from the Ontario College of Teachers. Students enjoy learning from our teachers who are experts in their subjects and whose varied interests promote colourful class discussions.

  • Unique learning environment: Because our school is in a corporate neighbourhood, it is a safe and quiet place to study. Our lunchroom and library are popular places to do some self-study before and after classes, and in July and August, we have lots of activities that help make summer school more enjoyable.
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