Code of Behaviour

It is the duty and responsibility of the principal and other designated individuals to enforce consequences when students do not obey the code of behaviour, outlined in brief below, that is expected of all members of the Elpis College community.

Respect for Self

No student shall come to school under the influence of drugs or alcohol. No student shall use any substance that might endanger his or her health or performance. No student shall engage in any form of dangerous activity.

Respect for Others

All students must respect their fellow students as well as all teachers and staff at the school. No student shall engage in any form of bullying nor act in ways that are threatening, harassing, devaluing, or demeaning to others.

Respect for Property

No student shall commit any act of vandalism. No one is to deface or damage in any way any school property, equipment, or materials including, but not limited to, textbooks, dictionaries, computers, desks, chairs, walls, artwork, and other displayed materials. Students will be charged fees to repair or replace any item they damage or destroy.

Responsibility for Actions

There shall be no smoking or swearing within school grounds. Weapons of any sort are strictly forbidden.


All students are expected to arrive on time for class, prepared to hand in/take up homework, take notes, or be assessed. The principal or other designated individual will oversee attendance records; individual teachers will require students to sign in at the beginning of every class. Students are expected to be present for all classes unless extenuating circumstances prevail. Students who are consistently tardy or truant will be dealt with in the following manner:
  • First Offence: Acknowledgment of tardiness or truancy; reminder of school policies.
  • Second Offence: Verbal warning from teacher.
  • Third Offence: Verbal warning from teacher; principal will be notified.
  • Fourth Offence: Notification to parents about student behaviour.
  • Fifth Offence: As deemed necessary by teacher/principal; will be based on attitude of student and likelihood of repetition. This may include suspension and/or expulsion from the school.
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