How to Apply

Applying to a US university is different from applying to a Canadian university, but the same general principles apply:

  • Organize yourself.
  • Visit each university’s website to determine its specific application requirements.
  • Sign up for newsletters and reminders.
  • Begin fulfilling requirements as soon as possible.

The following websites might also help you:

The Common Application

Commonly just referred to as “the Common App”, this website allows you to apply to various colleges and universities within the United States. Because many schools use the Common App, you only need to worry about a few specific admission requirements (essay topics, relevant program questions) for any given school. This means that once you create an account and fill in your basic personal and school information, applying to 10 universities is (almost) as quick as applying to 5.


The CollegeBoard site is your go-to place for information about the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and AP exams. This is where you’ll find the information for upcoming test dates, how to register, and where to take the exams.
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