Elpis College understands that students learn in various ways. We try to help our students by offering different methods of instruction and flexible time frames. Students who need to work at their own pace can be successful by embracing our integrated-learning options.

Online Learning at Elpis College

At Elpis College, we recognize that all students have diverse home and work responsibilities, different learning styles, and unique personalities. Depending on the course, students have the option of fulfilling certain components of the curriculum through online classes. Students are responsible for meeting their teachers in person on a regular basis to ensure that they fully understand the restrictions and allowances of distance learning, course outline and expectations, and time and system requirements. Despite the distance-learning approach to specific units or lessons, our teachers ensure that students understand each topic covered, and can adequately demonstrate their knowledge, thinking, communication, and application on assessments and evaluations.

Remote learning is not implemented in all courses, but when it is, we use a combination of teacher-directed and -guided instruction, alternative assessments, digital consulting, and flexible submission dates to suit both the needs of the students and requirements of the course.

Please note that Elpis College does not offer credit courses solely conducted via digital technologies.  We use  virtual learning as one of many strategies within credit and non-credit courses to promote student success.

The Benefits of Integrated Learning

We take pride in being able to provide our students with an integrated-learning approach that is not available at all schools. This approach is especially welcomed by students who prefer to work independently and/or at their own pace, but it is just as beneficial to those who must juggle fluctuating schedules stemming from home and work demands. Students have found great success through the integration of in-person and distance-learning strategies. Through integrated learning, students can exercise a little bit of independence while remaining confident with their work through regular in-person classes with their teachers.
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