Elpis College has truly been a life-changing experience.  Elpis has allowed me to express my true potential through engaging with excellent instructors and hard-working classmates.  Elpis is a place where I felt welcomed and accepted for who I am.  My teacher was very dedicated to ensuring that all his students showed exponential amounts of growth academically and personally.  The professionalism and organization of the instructors have helped me learn new concepts in a fun and engaging environment.

Ahmed Mokhtar, Class of 2019


My experience at Elpis was an amazing one! Before enrolling, my foundations in mathematics and English were not strong enough … and after my friend recommended Elpis, I decided to give them a try. On the first day, I knew I was in good hands. The teachers here are excellent and very helpful, and they actually make lessons interesting, which is something I never thought about. Coming to Elpis for classes never felt like a chore; rather, I felt glad knowing I was going to learn new things while having a great time. My grades went up, and now I feel confident going to university. I know I have the knowledge to succeed in my program.

Alen H., Class of 2016


My Elpis teachers have guided me tremendously in my courses. I understood math much better than I did in day school. I only took Calculus and Vectors, and I still regret not taking Advanced Functions at Elpis as well, as I would have understood the topics more and achieved higher marks. To any student who thinks that math is hard or who is failing in day school, I promise you Elpis College will guide you in the proper direction.

Ali Naqi, Class of 2016


I’ve had a very good experience.  I actually tried summer school at another place, but it didn’t work out for me.  I had a feeling that I was getting a mark lower than I deserved, so I came to Elpis.  I really liked the classes and the mood the place had.  It was really fun to learn English.

Andy Kang, Class of 2017


In all honesty, I really thought the grade-12 English class would be dreadful.  However, as a pleasant surprise, I really do feel like I learned something, and I feel accomplished.  The teacher was witty and funny, and he helped me get through a course that otherwise would have been boring.

Anny Cho, Class of 2017


Elpis is a wonderful school where I learned many great things.  The teachers were very nice; they showed great empathy and sympathy for our struggles to achieve the best mark we could get.  The counsellor was also very helpful in terms of asking me information about my university plans so that she could guide me towards applying for the ones that I might be interested in.  In the end, Elpis College has prepared me greatly for my post-secondary pathway, and I am truly thankful.

Ans Riaz, Class of 2018


I truly cannot thank Elpis enough for what they have done for me. Grade 12 is a year that will affect you for the rest of your life. Without the help of Elpis, I would not have been admitted to my top program choice. Elpis helped give me a strong foundation and prepared me for university. I found myself struggling in English class, and I was worried I would not be accepted to university. Thanks to Elpis, I am now blessed to have the opportunity to choose which university I get to go to.

Anthony Santos, Class of 2016


I loved learning here. I had very friendly teachers and an amazing counsellor. I learned a lot from the very good curriculum. The work and tests were challenging but fair.  I would definitely recommend anyone to take courses at Elpis.

Azan Ali, Class of 2019


My teacher was great, and the fast-paced, jam-packed lessons allowed me to improve vastly.  Elpis is fairly small in terms of faculty, but being able to get close to the teachers allowed help to be more readily available.  They were very easy to approach.  The small classes were also nice as everyone became close, and overall the atmosphere was comfortable.

Bill Song, Class of 2019


Taking grade-12 English at Elpis is the best choice I’ve made in my life so far.  I had a great, easygoing teacher, and you sure learn more here in one month than in six months at school.  My teacher was the best!

Daniel Chen, Class of 2017


My time at Elpis was very effective towards my future career plans of becoming a lawyer as I learned to read and write better.  Learning MODs was very significant as it helps one to argue, which is an essential skill for lawyers to have.  The teacher was fair and unbiased.  He was also very funny and engaging, thus making the course much more interesting.  Overall, I enjoyed taking Grade 12 English at Elpis.

Dounia Qawasmi, Class of 2019


My experience at Elpis was great.  I can honestly say that this was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had in terms of education and learning.  The teacher was fantastic at relating to each one of us personally.  My classmates were equally fantastic.  Having only two people in the class was amazing because we were able to ask the teacher anything at any time.  I was able to understand every concept we learned to the highest degree.  It didn’t feel much like school to me; instead, it was something that I can say I looked forward to every day.  Thanks so much for the great experience!

Edward Jeong, Class of 2017


The teachers at Elpis really go out of their ways to help you succeed in school. I knew that if I had any concerns about my grades or choices for university, I could go to any of them for insight and advice. I’m thankful to have gotten to know everyone at Elpis!

Emily Park, Class of 2017


It was a great opportunity to be a part of Elpis. From the start, Elpis made sure to keep me on track and make learning more fun and engaging. The staff members are the heart of Elpis. My guidance counsellor’s always making sure to satisfy her students’ needs to the fullest, which I have witnessed. Choosing Elpis was the best decision I made in grade 12. I am extremely pleased with the results I got. I appreciate everything Elpis has done for me, and I do for sure recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Faza Suljejmani, Class of 2016


My experience at Elpis College has been a very hard path.  At first, I underestimated the tests; however, with the guidance of my teachers, I was able to understand and achieve my desired mark.  The work and homework given to me allowed me to study for the tests, and the guidance I got whenever I didn’t understand something was also extraordinary.  Due to these factors, my educational path within this school was no less than perfection.  The content I learned here at Elpis College allowed me to find my studying pattern, and it helped me to understand not to give up just because I had one bad mark.  Thanks to this experience, I learned to become a better person.

George Hu, Class of 2017


The teachers are fair and honest.  They use different efficient methods of teaching, and they give us a sufficient amount of work.  They are also flexible when it comes to tasks.  I had great classmates and an excellent student experience.

Guled Abdullahi, Class of 2019


Becoming a part of Elpis College was the best decision I made in my high school. It helped me through a lot as it made learning easier. I was able to communicate with my teachers very well through a small class. The teachers and staff at Elpis are very understanding. Overall, Elpis College gave me a good learning experience.

Haya Uroos, Class of 2016


I took a really good SBI4U course.  My teacher was an amazing guy who’s very knowledgeable and thorough in his explanations.  I enjoyed learning from him.  The atmosphere at Elpis is really upbeat as well: the staff are all nice and friendly.  I have and will continue to recommend Elpis to anyone looking for a good school.

Hisham Al Kassem, Class of 2018


The past year at Elpis College has been amazing.  The teachers and staff here are very kind and helpful.  Taking my courses at this school has been a much better experience than taking them at my other school.  As the classes are small, the teachers devote more attention to their students.  Elpis College also has a good study environment.  Overall, my experiences have been outstanding.  Thank you to all the teachers at Elpis.

Joseph Lee, Class of 2018


I’m so glad I joined Elpis, as it’s an excellent school. The teaching environment is friendly and great, and classes are small, so as a student, I feel very connected to the teacher. The staff at Elpis are always looking for the greatest for you and always encouraging you to study hard. Everything at Elpis is so organized and there are so many resources that students can use to help them. Elpis took care of us and pushed all of the students to their fullest capabilities and allowed their students to shine in areas of interests and strengths. I wouldn’t have been able to reach my goal without the help and guidance of Elpis. This school definitely helped me on my road to success and my future goals.

Kaitlyn Y., Class of 2016


I loved taking this course at Elpis.  I really liked the staff and my teacher.  I enjoyed his class because he helped out a lot and really cared for his students.  I’ve learned a lot here, and I wish I had taken other courses at this school.  Overall, it’s been a wonderful experience.  Thanks!

Kiana Tajbakhsh, Class of 2019


Thank you to the staff and teachers!  This was a wonderful experience, and I really enjoyed my time here.  I will definitely recommend Elpis to my friends and family.  Even though the drive to school may have been long, I was happy to do it to be a part of my class and the school community.

Lucas Ribou, Class of 2019


My teacher’s explanations were really thorough and easy to understand.  I liked doing many examples together, and I liked having lots of practice questions.  The tests were fairly easy, though the exam was a bit harder.

Michelle Mah, Class of 2018


I had an honest teacher and a great counsellor.  Our workload and level of difficulty was good.  Excellent worksheets and comprehensive tests helped a lot.  The curriculum was very good and covered everything.  We had a good classroom environment with kind classmates who loved to learn!

Mohamed Al-Asfar, Class of 2019


I feel like this course was very good for me as I was able to achieve the grade I wanted and also, at the same time, gain the much-needed knowledge for grade-12 biology.  Also, I feel like the smaller class setting helped as it was more of a one-on-one setting.  My classmates were good and the teacher was great.  He helped me when needed and was very fun in the way he taught.

Mohamed Alnhisi, Class of 2019


The Calculus and Vectors course is an extremely detailed course.  In a regular high school, such a course would be very difficult.  At Elpis College, the wonderful mathematician breaks down the subject matter into very easy and understandable pieces.  I definitely loved the course, and I’m sure anyone else who takes it will love it, too.

Owen Fernandez, Class of 2019


At the beginning of my two courses, I felt comfortable about this private school.  Throughout the semester, I learned many things in English class, like strategies, skills, and advice about university.  Overall, I think it was very helpful to take English at Elpis College.  Math has been a most enjoyable course compared to other math classes I took in previous years at my other high school.  My math teacher is one of my favourite teachers ever; I really appreciate his support.  I also met some friends, and we supported each other throughout the year.  Overall, my time at Elpis College has been an amazing experience, and I would definitely recommend the school to my friends.

Saif Al-Amad, Class of 2018


Elpis, in my opinion, is a great school because it has a friendly environment.  They treat their students well.  I like the teachers; they are funny, helpful, and kind, and they encourage you to do your best. They give fair marks, which is amazing.  I would thank them for that.  Elpis College is a great place where you can choose to finish high school.

Sara Al-Salahe, Class of 2017


My experience at Elpis College was filled with such amazing learning moments, thanks to the dedicated teachers and my fellow students.  Not only did the small class sizes allow me to learn and understand the lessons at a higher level, I was also able to participate fully in discussions, which made the experience so much more interesting and exciting.  It was a great decision to be a part of this community in my senior year of high school!  Thanks Elpis!

Susan Cho, Class of 2017


This was a very great experience.  I already recommend Elpis to a lot of my friends.  My English teacher here is, without a doubt, my favourite, and he’s one of the best teachers I’ve had in general, regardless of the subject.  The course wasn’t easy, especially the last week, but it was much better in comparison to those in public school.

Zaid S., Class of 2017

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