Available Resources and Support Services

Elpis College offers a library resource centre with textbooks and novels available for students to use. The school is equipped with password-protected Wi-Fi, which students can make use of, at the discretion of their teachers, to supplement classroom learning. Short computer access can be given to students for extenuating circumstances provided that using the computer does not interfere with the operation of the school. Students are allowed to print and/or photocopy notes and assignments, though a small fee will apply.

Guidance and Career Education Program

Elpis College is proud of its small, close-knit community of members. Students are welcome to discuss any problems or concerns with their teachers as well as with school counsellors. Every effort is made to address the issues voiced by students. The school offers many services to its students, such as Application Assistance and Course Counselling to help them with their ongoing and expanding academic careers.
Students in their final year of high school are invited to make use of Elpis Global Education’s University Application Services. Book a meeting with a guidance counsellor to discuss the academic path you will follow after graduation. Elpis Global Education can assist you with your application to Canadian, American, and international universities and colleges to ensure that you get into the post-secondary institution of your choice!
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